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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator 4d 14h ago

    Quote by Hadim70 Well technically speaking he didn't betray her,he redeemed himself before she knew he was sending info about her so no harm done right ? Uncle benjen is going to fight alongside humans against white walkers and maybe he will die because he has no purpose you think daenerys will marry jon snow for forging an alliance between them ? actually he would be marrying his aunt :P only bran knows that jon is son of raegar and lyanna .

    Whatever I do not like him much - he is way to old for her.
    But what I do not understand: those "elves" who were with that old raven and bram they created the white wanderers but why are the white wanderers against them? (When they created them) The "king" of the white wanderers even killed the old raven....

    Daeny and jon? - NO please not! A very very young aunt indeed lol
    Well but I think jon, daeny and tyrion will ride the dragons. ^^

  2. Steffi1690 Moderator 6d 4h ago

    Quote by Hadim70 haha you're the first one to say I don't like jon snow.he is a favorite character but not the only one ! I like khaleesi but she is too much powerful because of her dragons I prefer someone who has strength of his own.Did you see jorah ?what is your prediction about him ? will he be always friendzoned or something will go down ? I think he will be cured but he will never have daenerys .poor jorah.

    I think Jorah is way to old for khaleesi! And he is not the only one who fell for her. I think it was shitty of him to betray her - he shouldn't have done that. Then all this whole shit wouldn't have happened! It's his own fault.
    I also think he will be cured.
    What do you think of uncle benjn? He isn't human nor a white wanderer...

  3. Steffi1690 Moderator 1wk 1d ago

    Of course I watched it ^^
    To be honest I do not like Jon Snow!
    My fav chara so far is definitly Daenerys and her dragons. And other smaller charas.
    I prefer talking in guestbook. (except if its something very privat the pm)

  4. Steffi1690 Moderator 1wk 4d ago

    What surgery?
    Oh I'm fine. Doing scanning and sports lol ^^ (always the same pattern)
    Nah I'm not really dying for Game of Thrones.
    Sure I watch it but I can wait.

    What happened to your layout?

  5. Steffi1690 Moderator 2wk 0d ago

    Quote by Hadim70 Heeey.Long time no see.Do you remember me ?

    Sure ^^
    What have you been up too? Why the very long absence?

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator 37wk 1d ago

    HOw are you?
    LOng time no hear.

  7. Steffi1690 Moderator 38wk 5d ago

    Quote by Hadim70

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Hey at least tell me "how are you?" :P Wazzap amigo ?
    Yeah showed up in a lame way ...
    why is everyone saying that ? Maybe she was saying something crazy and she is actually her mom ? She is a bitch afterall ...
    hey you know who I like in fairy tail ? Kyouka from tartarus (remember her?), cuz she does yuri stuff with erza and her girlfriend .I liked that chapter so much :))
    really what was your feeling seeing erza naked in every page of that chapter ? Almost everything was revealed :D and you don't dislike it when they show lucys naked butt and boobs every chapter ? It's not disturbing ? Or maybe you like it ? haha just teasing with ya ... :D
    By the way I like your new profile style ! It's so sexy.

    Sorry! ^^°
    Ok, how are you? Driving license done?
    I think or maybe I could also be wrong but maybe this has something to do with erzas eye? when she was a child she had one bad eye or? or was that all because of the tower of paradise where she was used together with Jellal?
    Oh yeah Kyouka ^^ I liked her form and transformed form.
    Honestly now?! You see nearly in each chapter someone nacked or half nacked! Even lucys breasts are getting bigger and bigger each chappy! I love FT way to much to be bothered by such "small things"! More exactly I have no time to worry about that stuff becuase there are 2 ppl in FT which I really HATE and wish they would just die already! To bad in FT no one really dies - that sucks!
    But hm my feelings when I saw Erza - I thought why is not Jellal there to see her like that lol
    Well thanks! ^^

  8. Steffi1690 Moderator 39wk 1d ago

    Laxus showed up lol
    AND I guess we where all wrong - she is not Erzas mum!

  9. Steffi1690 Moderator 40wk 6d ago

    But since that whole fight I haven't seen Laxus once...
    Gildarts can fight any opponent - he is incredibly strong!
    Yeah erza and her mother - I'm rather interested in there history. - why did she leave her child and so on.
    Perhaps they will cooperate with Zeref to defeat Acnologia lol (alone they couldn't do anything at all)

    The last manga I read with 'romance' in it was "Last Game".

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator 40wk 6d ago

    Quote by Hadim70

    Quote by Steffi1690

    Well yeah you're talking about Makarovs (The master) Sacrifice right ? It was sad and epic but I think he will be back somehow .
    I don't ever get the fight between Grey and Natsu Because E.N.D which is natsu hasn't done anything wrong till now so why everyone wants to kill him ? So I think Natsu vs Grey will not happen soon.(I think it's the final battle)
    One thing I'm really disappointed in is Gildartz .He was supposed to be badass yet he let his master die before his eyes and did nothing at all don't you agree ?
    Where's Laxus ? If laxus were there maybe he could have lent makarov some power because laxus knows fairy law and maybe together they could defeat the enemy without makarov dying.
    That's pretty much how I think of the chapter :P
    So what's your opinion ?

    There are not many ppl dying in FT lol Urtear also didn't die even though she sacrificed herself.
    Yeah that E.N.D. thing is kinda complicated... you are right he didn't do anything nor harmed anyone yet. Hell they didn't even know that Natsu is END! I guess for Grey - he is just angry and pissed of all this shit - so he takes it out all on Natsu 'cause he is END and related to Zeref! Maybe he is just angry of the fact that Natsu is related to Zeref but didn't tell anyone or something like that.
    Oh Gildartz - well he always comes in late or doesn't even come at all. But yeah why is Laxus not there? Where is he?

  11. Steffi1690 Moderator 41wk 1d ago

    You don't have t apologize every time.
    I tried reading and watching yuri - but it didn't catch my interest! Most of the scans you sent me .... those boobies are WAY TO BIG! (Just looks ugly in my eyes)

    So have you read the latest Fairy Tail manga? What do you think?

  12. Steffi1690 Moderator 41wk 2d ago

    Im surprised you havent seen this one yet:

    Sengoku Collection - Girls 8

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